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Contact client services : 01 737 856 814

Website tested by Pricesavvy : 4 / 5

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Swarovski in a few words...

Crystal, jewellery and accessories

A simply delectable site. You'll find crystalware of all sorts as well as jewellery and items for the home that combine crystal with other luxurious materials. If you're a collector, you'll find helpful information here, and you can also sign up to join the Swarovski Crystal Society.

Advantages Swarovski!

  • - Free shipping from 50€!
  • - Delivery by Standard parcel, Shop Specific Shipping
  • - Gift wrapping option available

Payment info
  • - Payment by credit card: American Express, MasterCard, Visa
  • - The statutory period of withdrawal is applied: 14 days
  • - Command mode : Online

Shop address :

  • Perrywood Business Park
  • RH1 5JQ Surrey
  • Tel: 01 737 856 814
  • Company registration number : CH-
  • VAT number : 231\\\\\\\\\\\\