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Soy Alto UK

Contact client services : 0 870 820 02 05

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Soy Alto UK in a few words...

Site selling height increasing shoes for men.

Pemaliyo SL is a company that sells men's height increasing shoes. The shoes are made from fine leather, and designed to look like normal shoes. However, these shoes have a secret. They have a special insole and simply wearing them will increase your height by 5 to 10 cm. No one but you will know the secret.

Advantages Soy Alto UK!

  • - Delivery by Royal Mail, Recorded signed for, Others
  • - Delivery possible to a different address
  • - The general conditions of sale and legal notices are online

Payment info
  • - Payment by credit card: MasterCard, Visa
  • - Payment possible by: Paypal
  • - The cooling off period is 15 days
  • - Debit made when package is sent (not before!)
  • - Command mode : Telephone, Online

Shop address :

  • Palma de Mallorca, 8-1
  • 29620 Torremolinos
  • Tel: 952382820
  • Company registration number : B29763679

Discover the popular offers of this merchant

  • LUGANO BLUE Height increasing boots
    LUGANO BLUE Height increasing boots£165.51

    Delivery Free

  • BIKER BROWN Height increasing boots
    BIKER BROWN Height increasing boots£143.82

    Delivery Free

  • BERGEN BLACK Height increasing boots
    BERGEN BLACK Height increasing boots£205.46

    Delivery Free

  • BERGEN BROWN Height increasing boots
    BERGEN BROWN Height increasing boots£205.46

    Delivery Free

  • BALTIMORE BLUE Height increasing shoes
    BALTIMORE BLUE Height increasing shoes£147.25

    Delivery Free

  • ALICANTE GREEN Elevator sneakers
    ALICANTE GREEN Elevator sneakers£181.49

    Delivery Free

  • ALICANTE RED Elevator sneakers
    ALICANTE RED Elevator sneakers£181.49

    Delivery Free

  • MILANO Height increasing shoes
    MILANO Height increasing shoes£165.51

    Delivery Free

  • MARBELLA GREEN Elevator sneakers
    MARBELLA GREEN Elevator sneakers£158.66

    Delivery Free

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