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  • Peter's Yard Artisan Crispbread

    Peter's Yard Artisan Crispbread

    Once you've tried these perfect little crispbreads with cheese you'll never look back. They are made using an authentic Swedish recipe and a sourdough starter, every one is light, crisp and slightly different from the next.


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  • Wigmore (350g)

    Wigmore (350g)

    Eating Wigmore is the nearest thing to an endorphine inducing substance that we sell - sweet and creamy, it oozes quality and the texture is incomparable.


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  • Bosworth Ash Log

    Bosworth Ash Log

    A lovely creamy goats cheese, phenomenonly smooth and with a sprig of rosemary against its snowy white rind, its a looker too.


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  • Selles Sur Cher AOC

    Selles Sur Cher AOC

    This is goat's cheese perfection! With it's distinctive ash-coating and its pure white, fondant-like creamy paste Selles sur Cher looks like nothing else and the taste is quite unexpected. And try it with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc for the best wine cheese...


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  • Ragstone log

    Ragstone log

    What's it taste like? Ragstone is a unpasteurised soft log-shaped goat's cheese which takes its name from Ragstone ridge from when Neal's Yard Creamery was based in Kent. Where's it from? Made by the Neal's Yard Creamery in Herefordshire. Ragstone is...


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  • Kidderton Ash

    Kidderton Ash

    An outstanding goat?s cheese with a delicate yet distinctive creamy flavour. The ash? Well Katy Hollinshead the cheese-maker dusts the moulds with food ash and leaves them to slowly ripen, as a silky white mould coat blooms actually through the ash.


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  • Reblochon AOC

    Reblochon AOC

    The French word reblocher roughly translates as 're-pinch the cows udder' - which tells us how this legendary ancient cheese is made by using the second milk batch of the day to make it extra creamy and supremely delicious.


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  • Soumaintrain AOC

    Soumaintrain AOC

    Soumaintrain is about as French as a baguette! It tastes amazing, it looks amazing and it oozes gallic chic.


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  • The Best Dad In The World Box

    The Best Dad In The World Box

    What does your father mean to you? If your dad is the greatest living man on the planet, your inspiration and rock and worthy of a national holiday in his own right then you need to give him a suitably magnificent gift.


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