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  • Tri-Seven Entertainment Children's Poster God Made Me Special Kids Series 2

    Tri-Seven Entertainment Children's Poster God Made Me Special Kids Series 2

    Description: The second of our God Made Me Special series of inspirational posters for children all over the world. The poster was designed to inspire and build early self-esteem for children ages 5-10 years old. Great for preschoolers, kindergarten throug


    Delivery £4.49

  • WICKED Colors W104 Secondary Set

    WICKED Colors W104 Secondary Set

    Wicked Colors is an ultra-high performance, multi-surface airbrush paint suitable for any substrate from fabric to automotive applications. Wicked Colors are perfect for t-shirts, automotive graphics, illustration and most any application. Wicked contains...


    Delivery NC

  • Royal Talens 8 x 20ml Colour Designer Gouache Paint Set

    Royal Talens 8 x 20ml Colour Designer Gouache Paint Set

    Contents: 8 tubes 20 ml of artist quality designers gouache. Contains, White (100), Yellow (200), Lemon Yellow (205), Permanent Rose (Magenta 397), Vermilion (311), Light Blue (Cyan 501), Ultramarine Deep (506), Black Intenso (703)


    Delivery NC

  • Fluid 236ml Irid Bright Gold F VII

    Fluid 236ml Irid Bright Gold F VII

    Fluid Acrylics contain high pigment levels suspended in an acrylic polymer vehicle. The result offers fine dispersion, high tinting strength, durability, flexibility and good adhesion. Fluid Acrylics are ideal for spraying, brushing and staining. Produced...


    Delivery £2.50

  • Airbrush Paint - Wicked Secondary Set - 6 x 60ml - #W104-00

    Airbrush Paint - Wicked Secondary Set - 6 x 60ml - #W104-00

    Wicked Colors are water-based acrylic airbrush paints, suitable for use through any airbrush or spray gun. Set Contains: W004-02 - Wicked Orange W011-02 - Wicked Golden Yellow W006-02 - Wicked Violet W009-02 - Wicked Pthalo Green W010-02 - Wicked Brown...


    Delivery NC

  • 946ml Soft Gel Semi-Gloss

    946ml Soft Gel Semi-Gloss

    Thinner than Golden Heavy Body Acrylic colours, Soft Gels are moderately pourable. Hold only slight peaks. The recommended acrylic to function as a glue for collaging. Soft Gel Gloss is ideal for glazing and other techniques where transparency is desired....


    Delivery NC

  • 946ml Lt Molding Paste

    946ml Lt Molding Paste

    The Golden Light Molding Paste is similar to the Molding Paste, but with a lighter consistency.


    Delivery NC

  • 946ml Molding Paste

    946ml Molding Paste

    Golden Acrylic Molding Paste can be used to create foundations for painting, either to create texture over a smoother surface, or to smooth out a textured surface. The absorbent qualities of Molding Paste make it suitable as a ground for nearly every...


    Delivery NC

  • Annie Marvelous Flowers Kids Toys Fashion

    Annie Marvelous Flowers Kids Toys Fashion

    Decorate The Beautiful Foam Flowers And Create Different Wonderful Hair Accessories To Wear And Share. Everything Included To Create And Decorate Hair Accessories.


    Delivery £9.99

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  • Build Your Own Kaleidoscope

    Build Your Own Kaleidoscope

    Create your own portal to another world with this amazing kaleidoscope kit. Fill the chamber with coloured gems, buttons, petals or sequins for different visual effects. Kit contains 1 eye piece, 2 cardboard tubes, 3 mirrored strips, 5 part kaleidoscopic...


    Delivery NC

  • 3D Hypotrochoid Set

    3D Hypotrochoid Set

    A classic and absorbing drawing set, easy and fun to use. Now in 3D!


    Delivery NC

  • Fairy Tale Drawing Projector

    Fairy Tale Drawing Projector

    My Very Own Fairy Tale Drawing Projector is lightweight and pocket sized, projecting lovely fairy tale images to trace and colour in. Supplied with six easy to change caps of different images including a wizard, fairy, angel, fairy castle, dragon and...


    Delivery NC

  • Magical Fairy Garden

    Magical Fairy Garden

    Create a magical fairy oasis with the Fairy Garden kit. Follow the 12-page activity guide to learn how to construct your enchanted miniature cottage and beautiful living garden. This kit contains everything you need to make your fairy feel at home, just...


    Delivery NC

  • Make Your Own Steampunk Jewellery

    Make Your Own Steampunk Jewellery

    Get the vintage look with myStyle Steampunk Jewellery. Steampunk fashion blends Victorian-esque trends such as angel wings and keys with clock parts, cogs, nut and bolts. Follow the 20-page colour illustrated activity guide to learn how to design and...


    Delivery NC

  • Make Your Own Snow Flake Charm Jewellery

    Make Your Own Snow Flake Charm Jewellery

    Everything you need to make gorgeous snow flake charm bracelets and necklaces that are fit for a princess! This kit contains over 260 colourful beads and 10 beautiful snowflake charms. The detailed step-by-step instructions show just how fun and easy...


    Delivery NC

  • Glitter Tattoos

    Glitter Tattoos

    Join the glitter tattoo craze with FabLab Glitter Tattoo kit! With 27 unique eye-catching tattoo designs and 4 sparkly glitter colours to choose from you can create the ultimate glittery, shimmery, multi-coloured tattoos that can last up to 7 days! Follow...


    Delivery NC

  • Balloon Racers

    Balloon Racers

    The Balloon Racers are unique speedsters that are powered not by turbo chargers or high octane fuel but by the combination of lots of air and some strong latex. For the Racers, Blow up the balloons, fix them to the vehicle of your choice then let them...


    Delivery NC

  • Build an Electric Dragster

    Build an Electric Dragster

    With this kit you can build a super-cool and fast dragster that will amaze your friends with its speed and good looks! Easy to construct with no glue or mess just fit together the interlocking printed thick card pieces, add the electrical and mechanical...


    Delivery NC

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