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Contact client services : +48 71 79 74 660

Website tested by Pricesavvy : 3.5 / 5

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One of the leading musical instruments retailers in Poland.

Team of musicians, sound engineers and music lovers, passionate about all the music gear and always ready to help. We bring our over 25 years of experience to work every day providing the products, services and advice that make it easy for our customers to choose the appropriate instrument.


  • - Free shipping
  • - Free in-store pickup
  • - Delivery by UPS

Payment info
  • - Payment by credit card: MasterCard, Visa
  • - Other payment methods: Bank Transfers
  • - The cooling off period is 30 days
  • - Debit made when package is sent (not before!)
  • - The site offers a secure payment solution

Shop address :

  • al. Armii Krajowej 5
  • 50-541 Wroc?aw
  • Tel: +48 717974600
  • Company registration number : 932711521